How My Prayers Are Accepted

09 April 2021 4 3
How My Prayers Are Accepted

If it's still in your mind, it's still in your aura. Your aura is a great magnet of attraction. By releasing the energy blockages that are still locked in the conflicts of the past, you can clear your aura / mind / soul. What you accomplish in it will change the external reality! Access to higher frequencies leads to the answer to your prayers into your dreams.


You can more accept and understand in others what you can accept and understand about yourself. Allow this high vibration first so that those who try to light you in this direction can easily come into your life! What could be stronger than looking at people around you and internalizing that you are kind, loving, and helpful to yourself by being kind, loving and helpful to them? In fact, if you observe it deeply, you will see that everything is your teacher and nothing that comes into your life is a coincidence.

Remember, the light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion! Now repeat these words first “God, I have come to you, I have taken refuge in you, you are my only surrogate. Then ask yourself the question "


Do you wonder about this? So what is your intention to prioritize in your prayers? Here is the answer to this question that will lead you to that. If you say my prayers are not accepted, you are ignoring your life purpose, and you may be shifting your prayers, which should be your priority, to different areas because of your lack of courage to face fears, shame, guilt, or a sense of perfection or worthlessness. Here I am leaving a wonderful study to identify their intentions, which should be the priority in their prayers. Please take a deep breath through your nose, slowly exhale and repeat this breath 10 times.

Then, feeling your mind clearer, answer the following questions:

  1. What makes you feel energetic when you think about the possibility of being that, even if it's terrifyingly difficult for you for a moment?
  2. An opportunity keeps coming to you in different ways, and different versions, what is this thing?
  3. What excites you that emerges that even when you talk to strangers?
  4. What is the main thing that excites you that you wanted to do somehow since your childhood?
  5. You often dream about this what is this thing?
  6. What triggers you most when you see it in others, sometimes with admiration, sometimes with jealousy?

You can classify this thing with topics such as love, money, friendship, abundance, abundance, luck, marriage, and work. You have a talent, you have a power, and asks the wound to reveal it, it wants you to display it without shame. What is this thing here? These are the golden values ​​that will allow you to claim your own servant right by praying in the depths of your soul and waiting to be revealed.

In your prayers, take a goal about this purpose of life from now on, and see how my basic opening spread in waves! If you want to get more detailed information about this and the functioning of the divine system, the acceptance of your prayers, life does not end before I win, life passes to the brave, you can read our books with life therapy and emotional intelligence.

You can access our books at a discount on the D&R website, as well as at the label price from D&R stores! Come on then write that below this post that I allow you to find your primary intention and allow yourself to make expansions and confirm!

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